1.    Cloud Architecture and Design
2.    Security
3.    Deployment
4.    Operations and Support
5.    Troubleshooting

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Course Outline

CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003

  1. Cloud Architecture and Design
    • Compare and contrast the different types of cloud models
    • Explain the factors that contribute to capacity planning
    • Explain the importance of high availability and scaling in cloud environments
    • Analyze the solution design in support of the business requirements
  1. Security
    • Configure identity and access management
    • Secure a network in a cloud environment
    • Apply the appropriate OS and application security controls
    • Apply data security and compliance controls in cloud environments
    • Implement measures to meet security requirements
    • Explain the importance of incident response procedures
  1. Deployment
    • Integrate components into a cloud solution
    • Provision storage in cloud environments
    • Deploy cloud networking solutions
    • Configure the appropriate compute sizing for a deployment
    • Perform cloud migrations
  1. Operations and Support
    • Configure logging, monitoring, and alerting to maintain operational status
    • Maintain efficient operation of a cloud environment
    • Optimize cloud environments
    • Apply proper automation and orchestration techniques
    • Perform appropriate backup and restore operations
    • Perform disaster recovery tasks


  1. Troubleshooting


    • Use the troubleshooting methodology to resolve cloud-related issues
    • Troubleshoot security issues
    • Troubleshoot deployment issues
    • Troubleshoot connectivity issues
    • Troubleshoot common performance issues
    • Troubleshoot automation or orchestration issues


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